In the case of a meat dish, it focuses mainly on one thing: the meat. But the side dishes are at least as important for a successful meal. You are not always on the “usual Suspects”.

Coleslaw fits to grilled meat, citizens, and co.

Here is a recipe for a side dish that tastes particularly good with Chicken Wings, burgers or ribs: Coleslaw, the American version of the herb salad. With buttermilk and Mayonnaise as a basis. Since the eye does not eat, to join, also grated carrots.

And the Coleslaw is also really quite quickly and without great effort: The cabbage head into quarters and these quarters with a slicer into thin strips and chop. The carrots in small thin strips cut or also with a matching kitchen unit to process. All of the remaining ingredients in a bowl with a whisk. Now the Marinade over it – done!

One important tip: While you can eat the Coleslaw after the preparation, but best of all it tastes, when he is drawn for the night in a cool place.

for the Coleslaw

servings: 5
preparation time: 30 minutes
wait time: 24 hours

ingredients for the Coleslaw1 kg white cabbage 2 large carrots 3 medium onions 1.5 TBSP salt 1 TBSP ground pepper 100 g of sugar 200 g of Mayonnaise, 100 ml of butter milk 4 TBSP wine vinegar 2 TSP medium-hot mustard 100 ml milk juice of half a lemon coleslaw: ZubereitungDas herb know to taste in small pieces for planing or grating. manage As are the carrots. The onions cut into very small cubes. Everything in a bowl, combine All the remaining ingredients given in a large bowl and whisk properly to combine. Pour the sauce over the salad and mix. The salad, preferably overnight in the fridge – who has the time and inclination can go before you sleep again by stirring so that the sauce is distributed well and can move in.

The recipe for Coleslaw in the Video

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