Sales and business correspondence. What you will learn in these centres

Image: portal of the mayor and government of Moscow

From 3 to 9 February in the offices of “My documents” there will be seminars and workshops where can participate all interested persons, informs a portal of the mayor and government of Moscow.

According to tradition it offers computer courses “ how to receive services without leaving home”. They can learn how to transmit the meter readings and register online for admission to public institutions.

February 3, in the flagship office of “My documents” in house 2 on Presnenskaya embankment will host a seminar on the establishment of the brand in terms of sverkhtekuchesti and uncertainty. Specialist in the field of advertising will talk about the leading marketing trends, positioning your brand and how to cope with the complexities of business development. The seminar will require pre-registration.

February 4, will host the seminar “How to increase sales 1.5 times without additional effort.” It will teach you how to understand what customers want and how best to work with them. Registration needed.

on the same day in the center of public services “My documents” area Marfino expected master-class “Skilful hands”. It is possible to learn how to grow cedar and to properly care for it. Free admission.

on 5 February at the centre of public services of the district SAVELKI in Zelenograd organize a master class “scrapbooking”. Participants will learn to make cards, and decorate a journal or photo album. At the informational site “foster Parent” psychologist of the center of support of families and children will advise all comers.

on this day, the flagship office of “My documents” CAO invites to the seminar “the Art of seeing people. Motivational-matrix analysis of the person”. Visitors learn how to interact effectively with other people.

6 February at CAO seminar “Active sales: from cold contact to hot fan”. Guests can learn how to conduct telephone negotiations and business correspondence. At both workshops need to be registered.

8 Feb pabout the Palace of government services at the exhibition center, and the center of public services “My documents” area Mitino will pass master classes “cedar trail”.

In the flagship office of “My documents” SWAD planned seminar “beauty industry: how to avoid mistakes and unnecessary costs.” Participants will talk about the nuances of the job, building a marketing strategy and working with clients.

the Flagship office of “My documents” CAO February 8, will hold a seminar “From zero to one. How to create a business that will speak.” It will be useful to entrepreneurs who launch new product to the market. Requires registration.

on 9 February, the centre of public services “My documents” area Marfino organizes the workshop “Skillful hands” with the planting of pine nuts. Dedicate it to the Day of defender of the Fatherland. Free admission.

Previously devoted to the military art of time exhibition was opened in the centres of Moscow. The exhibition Muscovites and guests of the city will be able to see rare collections of poems, the programs of the play “Enemies” play by Maxim Gorky, the musical notation of musical numbers created in the years of the great Patriotic war, and much more.

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the Centers of social service have prepared concerts and excursions for Muscovites,”This is our city”: about 300 thousand calls were received in the flagship office “My documents”