JoJo spoke to Sam Smith about recording a song together. The ‘Leave (Get Out)’ singer took part in a Q&A session with her fans on Twitter to celebrate the appearance of her ‘Good to Know’ record.

The musician revealed that she and the ‘Dancing with a Stranger’ interpreter were talking about collaborating for a duet together. A follower asked the beauty: “I know Sam Smith is a big fan of yours, did you talk about working with each other?” Then JoJo replied: “Yes” and added an emoji with a heart.

That’s why she gave up sex for a whole year

It is known that Sam is a big fan of the 29 year old and he tweeted that he particularly likes her song ‘Demonstrate’ from 2012.

In response to a question from another follower who wanted to know if she would be playing a live stream of an acoustic version of her album, JoJo said: “It’s a good idea – I think that’s good. Would you like that? An acoustic version of the entire album? Let me know.”

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The ‘Too Little Too Late’ musician recently said that she had given up sex for a total of 10 months when she recorded her new ‘Good to Know’ record because she wanted to be independent. (Bang)


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