The president waved, in a predictable all against Sanchez in which they took care not to lose the centrality, the relationship of dependence of the PP and Citizens with Vox. The claim of the socialist party as the only party with the capacity to break the institutional stalemate that paralyzes Spain and the fear of the extreme right, with Santiago Abascal present in the debate, unlike April, they were the central axes of his discourse. “You represent the right coward in front of the ultra-right aggressive and homophobic, which makes the exaltation of franco, who wants to outlaw abortion and to democratic parties such as the PNV. And here callan and callan”, railed against Paul Married and Albert Rivera.

The socialist candidate is confident to revive the electorate progressive disappointed by the lack of agreement with United we Can with the fear of the influence of the ultra training in the future Executive of Spain. Governments mixed of PP and Citizens in Andalusia, Madrid and Murcia and Municipalities such as that of the capital already depend on the nacionalpopulismo that represents the Vox. “And what with the right wing you want to govern, mr. Married?”, required Sanchez, who reproached the popular and to the formation of Rivera not to implement a cordon sanitaire to Abascal as Angela Merkel or Emmanuel Macron have introduced to the ultra-right in Germany and France.

the president of The PP, which he defined to Vox as “extreme right” after the 28-A, sought to counter the attacks of Sanchez urging him to clarify whether he would accept the support of Puigdemont, Junqueras or Indemnity. That is to say, Junts per Catalunya, ERC or Bildu. So there will be a “grand coalition” with the PP, as he insists United Can. “It is a déjà vu of the lord Churches,” Sanchez said subtracting credibility. In the 22 years of socialist Governments since the restoration of democracy has never been the case. “We’re going to vote 10-N, because it was not true that he had a pact with the independents or with the right”, settled the socialist candidate in his final speech.


So you have been told the election debate Lies and half-truths in the debate Poll Who is the winner of the debate? PHOTOGALLERY-The election debate RTVE

The idea of a strong Government, stable and consistent as synonyms of the PSOE characterized the message of Sanchez. The socialist leader sought to the initiative since its first intervention, when he proposed that leave to rule the list with the most votes if, after the 10-N, the Parliament will not agree to the formation of a Government. The president hinted at the difficult stage post-election that all the polls are suggesting.

it was Not the only proposal or a compromise: he suggested to incorporate in the Penal Code the prohibition of a referendum of self —determination-removed the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero— to combat the challenge secessionist. Despite that message of toughness with the pro-independence, the crisis, the territorial was the subject in which the candidate of the PSOE was the most uncomfortable. If at any time it became evident was when you Married him he insisted that clarification as if Catalonia is or not a nation. Sanchez said that “Spain is a nation of nations, and Catalonia is a nation” in April 2017 —one month before being re-elected general secretary of the PSOE—. Last night appealed to the nationalities listed in the statutes of autonomy.

To reduce the crisis of coexistence in Catalonia, Sánchez advocated for “building harmony” with a new subject in schools of all Spain education for values civil, constitutional, and ethical. Also that the boards of public bodies —such as TV3, although not cited explicitly— are approved with the support of two-thirds of the Parliaments in the self-employed. The leader of the PSOE maintained a profile in presidential in the not sought to of the body to the body except in times of very prominent. As when he highlighted discrepancies with United we Can, for Catalonia. “It is evident that we have differences, Churches advocating a referendum on self-determination and that there are political prisoners. I cannot accept that. There are political prisoners to break the democratic legality. And what has happened is the attack of the violent security forces,” he said.

In general, exploded in the rifirrafes between Married, Rivera and Abascal keeping quiet and letting the right desgastase each other. The majority of inquiries direct your opponents ignored them while he took notes and transmitting an image of a statesman above the hoopla that at times became a debate to five. Sanchez made several announcements throughout the debate. These commitments sought to move the perception that the PSOE is the party most able and most likely to govern. If it is attributed to him, and enjoys the necessary stability Sánchez will create a vice-presidency of economic that would Nadia Calviño, the current minister of Economy. In his Government would have a specific ministry for the fight against depopulation and the demographic challenge. Also included in the Penal Code, the advocacy of fascism, and would encourage legal changes to dissolve foundations as Francisco Franco.


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