Mariana Huidobro, he backed his son against wind and tide when he was convicted of leaving a quadriplegic to a guard city of Barcelona. And remains confident in his innocence now facing a petition of 25 years in prison for murdering a man for ideological reasons. With the arms crossed and the face hieratic, Mariana is very close to the view room during the break. He says that he is “nervous” and that his son, Rodrigo Lanza, is “scared” by what could happen. But he admits that the session has not gone wrong. The three boys on the night of December 7, 2017 left with Spear party have ratified more or less your version: the victim, Victor Laínez, 55-year-old attacked him before with a knife, and he limited himself to defend himself.

But that horizon slightly optimistic was going to be truncated right after the break. The main witness of charge has dismantled the thesis of the legitimate defense. It is the owner of the pub The Jukebox, of Zaragoza, where the incident occurred. Angel A. has explained that, minutes after that both maintained a discussion in the bar, Lance fell back against Laínez, who fell to the ground lead and became unconscious. “I told him, ‘careful, that comes behind. But he could not react. The defendant picked up his run and gave him a hit movie, blunt. On the ground he continued to kick and punch her in the head. I told him, ‘so, that what you kill”. The witnesses have defined the assault as “brutal,” and described the “deformed face” and the blood around the body of Laínez. The allegations considered that the defendant used a blunt object that, in any case, it has not been found.

In his statement on Monday, Spear said that the victim swung a knife at him and wanted to kill him. He felt fear and he departed. Never thought that could have killed. This version has been added to this Tuesday your friend Paul M., an activist anti-establishment as him. Paul was the one who warned him, nothing more entered the bar, the man that I was having a beer alone at the bar was a well-known fascist of The Magdalena. Lance went to talk to him and reproached him that he was not welcome in a neighborhood considered antifascsita. The man, allegedly, called him “sudaca” to know that he was chilean.

Paul M. has not heard that conversation, but it was a witness of what happened after. When both, accompanied by two friends, had to leave the bar, Victor Laínez were followed to the exit. The witness has stated, behind a screen, which put on alert to Spear because, supposedly, the man wielded a knife. “It was a knife, a knife, I don’t know,” he said in line with the defence of the accused. But that knife nor has it appeared throughout the research neither has seen anyone else. Neither the owner of the bar. Neither the officers of the National Police Corps (CNP) that went to The Turntable and inspected both the premises and the belongings of Laínez.

Straps visible

What were Andrew A. and other witnesses —customers who were in the bar at the time of the assault and who have also stated— were the straps that Laínez she wore underneath the jacket with the colors of the Spanish flag. Emergency crews cut the straps for you and the rejected; that is why they have not appeared. Two police officers have claimed that it saw “clearly” and were “flashy”. For the charges —the Prosecution, the family of the deceased and Vox— this factor is key because it explains the mobile ideological crime: Spear killed Laínez to identify you as a member of the extreme right, someone completely away from their postulates anarchists.

head of information of the Police of Zaragoza has been spread about the political profile of the Spear. When he was finished serving his sentence for the acts of Barcelona, he moved to Zaragoza, where he became a “known activist” linked to “movement-squat and anti-establishment”. The documentary Ciutat Morta —which denounced irregularities in the judicial process of Barcelona— made him “famous”. The inspector has explained that he came to be arrested for occupying a building, and participating in the activities of the social centre squatted Kike Mur, in the old prison of Torrero. I also attended rallies and demonstrations of the extreme left, has said the inspector, shocked by his radical change of appearance in the trial. “I have struggled to recognize him”.


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