When a small plane crash in Sankt Augustin two people have been killed. The plane crashed at midday on a free field in the vicinity of an aerodrome, such as the fire and rescue services. For the two inmates came too late to help. “The plane is burnt out and there are two Dead,” said a fire Department spokesman. Further injuries there.

The crash was observed, according to the police, among others, by local residents, who then selected the emergency. As the forces reached the site of the accident, the state of the plane but already fully engulfed in flames. The fire Department used water and powder to extinguish the fire. The two victims died, however, point to the ill. To be able to their identity – such as age and gender – the police are not.

According to information provided by the aerodrome operator, the machine was started shortly before that. Then the Pilot engine have reported problems, said a spokesman. The occupants, it was, according to initial information, a flight instructor and a student pilot or a flight student, said the spokesman.

He was very upset by the incident: “I am here for many years and is very, very rare that accidents happen with terrible injuries or with the dead.” The exact cause of a crash was initially unclear. For education the Federal government should contribute to the Bureau of aircraft accident investigation. The experts were, according to the police on the way to Sankt Augustin.


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