Sarina Nowak has participated in 2009 as a candidate for GNTM. At that time you had to discipline himself to achieve the required model dimensions. Nevertheless, it was still “too thick” for the Business, they told her. This beauty pressure, the 25-Year-old no longer wanted: A couple of years later, Sarina Nowak is to your curves – and starts. As a Curvy Model, she gets the longed-for orders and stands out from the crowd. Meanwhile, she is also a Body Positivity activist. With the online shop AboutYou, they launched their first Plus Size collection. What do you want for the plus-size fashion, and what she advises aspiring Models, she says in the Interview.


Model Sarina Nowak is proud of your curves


Mrs. Novak, you have been through your participation at GNTM known. What do you think when you see the pictures from back then?

I see a very young girl, this is just to develop and to find.

How much have you changed since then?

I have naturally developed further over the years, not only physically, but I am, for example, more self-confident. But I’m still the same Sarina.

See the Show today?

Honestly, I can’t look at it for me at the moment. I’m at the time in America and since you can’t look at the …

What would you say to the girls who want to also like to be in the model business?

end to Hunger, This Ex-Participant of “GNTM” is now a Plus Size Model

Please always remain as you are. Don’t let the agencies influence, but do what makes you happy.

you bring together with AboutYou on 11. April a Capsule Collection. Is it for you to shopping is now more difficult to cool Mode? There are differences to the time when you have worn a smaller dress size?

Now I find that there are more and more Brands, the cool fashion for more curvaceous women. Especially in America. In Germany, however, I find that it is not so much, but fortunately slow in Coming. I hope to be able to with my collection, demand a little more support.

What would you want for the Plus-Size fashion in General?

I like, for example, prefer figure-hugging clothes. And I find that a lot of Brands in Germany, always try to hide the curves. That’s why I’m trying to do with my collection exactly the opposite, with sexy dresses and figure-hugging cuts.

it Annoys you that the popular fashion brands often sell only smaller dress sizes? Where, however, the German average is dress size 42?

no, it doesn’t bother me. I just find it a pity that a false Ideal is not lived to identify with the many young girls still try to stand rather than your great body.

What makes up your collection? What do you value?

My collection of power, that it is figure-hugging, sweet, and cool, and for every body types. She brings out the best sides of the woman.

they were proven to have in the Show “Dancing on Ice” in the final, how athletic you are. The importance of sports in your everyday life?

to Me, Sport is very important and for me it is just important to keep me fit. I feel most comfortable when I pay attention to myself and my body.

What’s in the future for you professionally? You stay in the USA or you will come back again to Germany?

Interview, Ex-GNTM-candidate Sarina Nowak “I was often told: If you don’t answer, you get no Jobs” By Julia Kepenek

at the moment I’m trying to focus more on acting in the US. That is my goal. But I am still often in Germany. I always fly back and forth.

What do you like about the USA? And what they lack in comparison with Germany?

What I like about L. A. is the weather, and that, in my profession, just a lot of possibilities there. What I’m missing, of course, is my family. I wish we could all live together in L. A.. I always get homesick very quickly.

do you Have anything else you want to give to our readers?

will always be your self and do what makes you happy. Do not bend!


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