Seniors in isolation, often asking the volunteers to walk the dogs

Photos: the Agency “Moscow”/Sophia Sangerska

Elderly Muscovites in isolation often ask for volunteers to walk the dogs. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the press service of the Department of labour and social protection of population of the city.

the Ministry said that every day volunteers carry out around 250 requests of pensioners in 125 districts of Moscow. Most often (70%) of older citizens are asked to walk with their dog.

If the dog to 10 pounds, the volunteers walk with her own, large Pets help tovolunteer of NGOs and canine associations. Under their care for 100 Pets.

in Addition to dog parks, citizens are asked to help with the delivery of products (15%) and medicines (8%), and about 6% of older people are asked to bring their Pets food.

the head of the specialized employment center “My career” Irina Shvets noted that all volunteers undergo additional training and coaching. In her opinion, it is very important to assist take into account all peculiarities of work with elderly people.

on March 29, Sergey Sobyanin imposed restrictions on movement around the city. From the apartment you can go only in cases of emergency medical aid and other direct threats to life and health, commuting (if required).

to get out of the house it is possible to make purchases from the store or pharmacy. Allowed the walking of Pets at a distance not exceeding 100 meters from the residence.

Total worldwide, according to who, the number of people infected with coronavirus has already exceeded 750 thousand people, more than 36 thousand died. In Russia recorded 2777 cases in 75 regions. Per day is issued for the recovery of 69 people, 45 of them in Moscow.

Scientists call the temperature at which the dies coronavirus

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