The CPS introduced new measures due to pandemic COVID-19

Now all the citizens who arrived in Russia from abroad, will have to go on a two-week quarantine under the supervision of physicians. Flown to the capital’s airports, residents of Moscow and Moscow region will be required to comply with self-isolation at home, and the residents of other cities in the Observatory.

All workers of transport – subway, trains, buses and other modes of public transport – must wear masks or respirators. Nationals working in places of a mass congestion of people, also agree to wear personal protective equipment.

In accordance with the resolution in all regions will be organized the testing for coronavirus. Test COVID-19 will be required to attend citizens with respiratory symptoms returning from abroad, contact with patients COVID-19, patients diagnosed with “community acquired pneumonia”, health workers and elderly aged 65 years, referred to our hospital with signs of respiratory disease.

in addition, the Russians ordered to keep distance from each other a minimum of one meter on the street and in public transport. An exception is made for taxi passengers.

According to the latest data of the operational staff in Moscow to combat the spread of coronavirus, in Russia the number of victims of the pandemic has reached 24 people.

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