She stated what kind of weather awaits Muscovites this weekend

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Coming weekend will be the coldest since the start of winter in Russia. According to forecasters, another climate jump is associated with the influence of cold air North-West and North winds.

As told IA “NSN” specialist meteorologist Marina Makarova, citizens should be wary of icy conditions and extremely low by the standards of this winter, temperatures.

“on the night of Saturday will be mainly without precipitation. It is likely that we will see the sun, though no clouds no cost. In the night of Saturday the temperature in Moscow falls to minus 15 degrees, on area – to a minus of 18 degrees, the roads icy. This should be taken into consideration and to be careful drivers and pedestrians,” – said the expert.

Saturday Afternoon will become warmer – the temperature will rise to minus 5 – minus 7 degrees, on area – to a minus 10. With regard to the transition in the night of Sunday, the meteorologists promise a re-strengthening Celsius in some places in the capital will be minus 19 degrees.

According to Makarova, the warming trend will be in the afternoon of 9 February. For the coming week will be characterized by thaw weather, but have to be careful in Moscow is expected strong wind up to 7-12 meters per second.

Meteorologist warned against early claims about the coming of spring, because cold periods can be repeated.

Earlier in the capital region have extended the elevated level of weather danger. This is primarily due to the risk of black ice, which is likely due to the cold snap in Moscow. The warning will be in effect until 12:00 Monday, February 9.

Ended January, according to weather forecasters, was the dark winter month for all time of meteorological observations. Previously, the minimum duration of sunshine in the middle belt of the European part of Russia was recorded 20 years ago.

the Weather: the Blizzard expected in the capital region.

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