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1 September 1983 in the sky over Sakhalin during the flight over Soviet territory was shot down a South Korean “Boeing-747”. On Board were 269 passengers. This incident is considered one of the most mysterious in the history of civil aviation.

it is said that the creators of the series Lost (“lost”) was inspired by what mysterious circumstances of the death of the Korean “Boeing”. And no wonder: intriguing facts and events related to this disaster do not have enough for one series.

the Soviet military had no doubt that the plane made a reconnaissance mission. He was without identification signals, then 500 km from the route. As a result, Soviet military command has aborted the flight KAL-007 over Sakhalin exactly a village but with the help of the su-15. However, if this is the truth, we still don’t know.

“are You kidding me?”

would be a Good prelude to the TV series, like Lost, would be the next episode. About two hours before the Board operating the flight KAL-007, has brought in Soviet airspace managers civil service of the U.S. ground control exchanged phrases like: “Hey, guys, there’s someone coming to the area air defense Russian.” – “Can’t be, are you kidding?” “You need to warn him.”

This was clearly documented by recording managers. The question is, why did the crew of a South Korean airliner and was not warned?

Declared happy ending

Aircraft of the Korean aveline, a flight 007 on route new York – anchorage – Seoul, was to arrive in the Korean airport around 6 am. But he was late. At 7.20 concerns greeters were representatives of Korean airlines with the soothing message that flight there were some unforeseen circumstances, but liner fuel for another 3 hours, so nothing to worry about. More officials no details reported. If met would live in the US and watched the seven o’clock news of ABC, they would know a little more: for example, the Korean “Boeing”, EN route flight 007 disappeared from radar. However, hardly anyone explained to you why American TV crew was so concerned about late Korean airliner.

Exactly at 10.00, when the fuel from the Boeing should already be on the wane, all Korean news voiced the words of the Minister of foreign Affairs of South Korea: with a plane, he made a forced landing on the island, the crew and passengers are safe. And an hour later in front of the greeters personally by the Vice-President of Korean airlines, Cho, who had just gone to return the passengers of flight 007 home: “Less than 24 hours these problems will be solved, and I promise to deliver them to you.” At the same time the news was announced some details of the incident: the alleged flight was forcibly planted by the Soviet air force on the island. Of course, this could not to annoy the Koreans, but all anxiety disappeared: many greeters went with a calm soul home. But the soul remained calm not for long…
in an hour the Soviet foreign Ministry informed the Japanese Embassy in Moscow (from South Korea, the USSR did not have diplomatic relations), that flight 007 landed on Sakhalin, and officials of the USSR do not have any information about the whereabouts of the plane.

airing after the death of

a few days Later the Soviet Union officially admitted that its air defense forces shot down the plane violated Soviet airspace, not reacted to the warnings. It was established, even the exact time – 22.26 local time. However, there are documented records of the pilots of flight KAL-007, appeared on the air after 50 minutes after the destruction of the Soviet fighter. And signals for help no they not filed. It brought forth the theory that a Soviet pilot shot down another planet probably the American reconnaissance plane RC-135, which looks very much like the Boeing 747. Interestingly, Gennady Osipovich, the pilot of the su-15 that shot down the airliner, were sure that his target was uncivil Board. In particular, Osipovich expresses doubt that such a large plane as a “Boeing-747” could be shot down with only two missiles R-60, which he released.

And where are the passengers?

On Board were 269 people – passengers and crew members. However, a search expedition was never found no body, just small fragments. It is curious that the missing bodies have excited the imagination of some American journalists in the Western press reported that the Soviet military burned the bodies in crematoriums to cover his tracks.

But let us turn to the direct evidence. One of the Soviet divers who took part in the search, recalled: “I did not miss a single descent. I have a very clear impression: the plane was stuffed with garbage, and people were not there. Why? Well, now, if the plane crashes, even small. As a rule, should remain suitcases, handbags, at least – handles from suitcases… And there was something that I think should not have to carry in the plane normal people. Well, let’s say, a roll of amalgam as garbage… Clothes, from landfills – from her torn pieces… We’re almost a month worked! It was not enough and clothing – jackets there, raincoats, shoes – very little. And the fact that they found some rags!”

All this gave grounds to say that discovered a few weeks after the disaster, the liner is a falsification.

“Evidence”, sailed to Japan

a week after the disappearance of the liner small fragments of Boeing, pieces of skin, the remnants of Luggage washed up on the coast of the Islands of Honshu and Hokkaido. Experts put forward the version that “evidence” brought over to Japan from the Soviet district of Sakhalin, which was hit by a ship. However, there is one “but”. The fact that in September 1983 near Sakhalin ne was no current, which drove the waves from the South to the North. Detailed weather reports claimed the wind blew in the opposite direction. In other words, the wreckage of the plane could get in Japan only from the South but not the North.

“a Crime against humanity”

the US President Ronald Reagan, upon learning of the death of a South Korean airliner, called the incident “a crime against humanity that should never be forgotten.” And Washington was a result of the actions of the Soviet air defense because the crash killed U.S. Congressman Larry McDonald – temperamental-Communist, and a very promising politician. However, for unknown reasons, the offense was forgotten by the American side very quickly. George Shultz, US Secretary of state, at the beginning with great enthusiasm took up the case: a group of the best investigators of the office of transport security was sent to Alaska to investigate the tragedy. However, only a few days later, the investigators returned to Washington, and not starting the investigation.

two weeks before the crash

Loss of interest in the fate of flight KAL-007 from the Americans coincided with news that South Korean passenger plane with the tail number NL-7442 was at Washington’s Andrews air force base for three days from 11 to 14 August 1983. It is on this air base, by the way, is still based American presidential liner – “air force one USA”. Interestingly, the technological service of the South Korean plane at Andrews was held in the hangar of the company, which has been supplying special electronic equipment. It only remains to add that the side with the number HK-7442 commit 1 September 1983 the ill-fated flight c dissonant and simultaneously the symbolic name KAL-007…

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