Shot two people in Kaliningrad, a man has died in hospital

Photo credit: the telegram-channel “Moscow 24”

the Man who opened fire in the centre of Kaliningrad, died in hospital, reported the TASS news Agency in regional Investigatory Management SK.

the shooting death of two men – Vadim Yangolenko and pregnant Darya Efimova. 13-year-old son died in hurt and providing emergency assistance in the hospital.

According to preliminary data, the cause of the fire was the redistribution of points in the local market. All participants of the tragedy have long been at odds with each other, wrote on each other complaints and even filed in court.

According to a local resident, the weapons from the gunmen seized a passer-17-year-old boy. The attacker wanted to commit suicide, but couldn’t.

Man in Kaliningrad shot a couple and wounded their child.

Previously unknown staged a shooting at the cars in the showroom at the Ryazan Avenue, building 7D. There is a “Inkom-the car”.

Damaged five cars. From people nobody has suffered.

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