In the Winter it snows, in the case of strong and long-lasting snow cases, as is currently the case in large Parts of Bavaria, breaks down quickly in the Chaos. Blocked roads, cars, the sink in the snow and icy trails make Progress with the own car is often impossible. With public transport it’s not looking much better, finally, trains or buses will bring heavy snowfall in distress. Large delays or even failures are the result.

employee bears responsibility, as he arrives at the snow chaos to work

all of This makes it the commuters not easy to come to the workplace. However, workers must then remain at home? From a legal point of view: How do employees come to work, is in principle a matter for the worker – he wears the so-called “directional risk”. Just when delays on the way to and from work are 24 hours known in advance, workers will have to take all reasonable steps in order to appear for work on time. Such as sooner ride belongs to site – but no overnight stay in the hotel in the vicinity of the work.

What is threatening employees if they come due to the snow late?

When employees come because of the weather too late, or even not to work, you need to do according to labour law experts, absenteeism, leave or take wage cuts. Employers may, however, require that the hours be rescheduled on the same day. Finally, not every employee can move his or her celebration evening, just when children need to be picked up from childcare or school.

At School or daycare closure) exception to apply to

But there is also good news: If the employee is unable to work without their own fault, must pay the employer still pay (paragraph 616, paragraph 1, of the civil code. This is for instance the case if a school or Kindergarten because of the snowfall remain closed and also have no other care option. Or a traffic accident is to appear on the way to work, the power of it workers is impossible, on time. However, employees should check here carefully: This claim may in the labor contract or a collective agreement are also excluded.

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to behave in the event of delays correctly

So you have no Trouble because of delays, threatens, you should inform your employer immediately and in the case of extreme weather, the Situation were to discuss. A warning does not, threatens the rule also writes the Manager Magazin Impulse. Unless you have several days to come unabgesprochen in a row, too late – and then also several hours.

Also interesting: an accident on the way to work? In this case, the insurance will not pay.

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