Vorarlberg – This man has nerves of steel and a beary Constitution: Oliver C. (45) struggled for a night on the mountain against the cold and the Snow…

The Augsburg drew on Sunday, his turns in the ski resort of Laterns-Gapfohl (Vorarlberg, Austria). Against 15.30 o’clock, he was on a Route down to the valley. At the end of the so-called reading slope, he missed the turnoff to the Piste. “I have not seen that there was a tag that is locked,” says the sports economist of the tz. He never would be dangers on the Route, “I know the risk”.

Oliver Carson of snow in Voralberg to spill: night in the cold to survive

getting steeper the deep snow slope was hidden, at the end of a stream. “And that’s where I broke in to the hip by the many of the new snow in the water.” Seconds later, a Snow slab broke above him, and it thundered up to him and spilled him. “Up to the neck. I was like cemented in.“

but he managed to get out of bond and brook. But it was at night, in complete solitude on the mountain in the snow-covered valley, wet, and without a cell phone. Cries for help no one heard, Trying to come out of the valley to the top, failed. A dangerous Situation, finally, Oliver C. knew, “that I must spend the night Outdoors”.

In the snow: a book about Oliver Carson on an idea

Eventually, he had read the book “Alone in the Wilderness”, that helped. He immediately built himself a warehouse. “Tannenäste above me were like a roof, and snow, I stomped flat and covered him with branches.” A Kind Of Bed. “I stood up again and again, Bouncing up and down, to keep me warm.” To freeze to death fear, he never had. “I’m even nodding again and again.” With the dawn of the day, he was able to fight slowly to the top. It lasted for hours.

around noon, he came across a tourers, repeated by emergency assistance. The 45-Year-old was rescued. His mountain night – one will forget Oliver never: “I never would have thought that a man can be so much trembling.”

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M. Christandl


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