Signs of pneumonia in hospitalized in Moscow, the Chinese people have not found

Photo: ZumaTASS

the Department of health of Moscow spoke about the status of Chinese citizens, which previously was hospitalized with a high temperature of the capital hotel. This was informed in a press-Department service.

it is Noted that the condition of the Chinese at the present time is satisfactory, signs of the complicated course of ARVI, no. Also, the Department assured that the symptoms of pneumonia, they found no.

“the Ambulance went to the place of residence of the tourists mainly because they arrived from China. Usually in such cases soon gives advice by phone. Doctors there examined all presenting complaints”, – stated in the message.

it is Reported that hospitalization was conducted solely for the purpose of additional monitoring measures.

Also in the Department of health added that the capital is no threat of aggravation of the epidemiological situation in connection with the hospitalization of seven cases of Chinese citizens.

Earlier it was reported that of the capital hotel in Voykovskiy district was hospitalized citizens of the PRC. It was reported that seven people had a fever. Doctors made a preliminary diagnosis of SARS.

the Outbreak of a new type of pneumonia was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Hotbed of the epidemic is currently Hubei province.

According to the CPS, cases of a new type of pneumonia among Russians have been identified.

on the Eve of the doctors had to check for signs of pneumonia 13-year-old boy from China, who together with his family he arrived at Sheremetyevo. During the flight he complained of stomach pain, also he had a high fever. In a survey of the new coronavirus had not been confirmed.

doctors had tested for the presence of virus five students-natives of China, studying in Irkutsk. Symptoms of a new type of pneumonia they were found.

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