Basically, Thomas Heidfeld with his work as a football Department Manager at SV Hohenlinden satisfied. “The total Department, I see very positive, with good co-operation in the youth teams with Forstinning (JFG FC Salzburg), Edling with the girls (SG Edling-high Linden) and now again with Forstern with the ladies.” This includes an expanded clubhouse and the recently approved construction of art fits into the turf. “Everything is on a good path.”

Where the path for the figurehead of the Department, the men’s district League team, the short-, medium-, and long-term lead to, seems these days to decide but only a man: Association Board of management and the financier Ludwig Attenberger. “The players are his favorite child. Unfortunately, he is also the one or other decision, alone, is now gone, in retrospect, so good,” said Heidfeld, the coaching change immediately after the missed ascent relegation, “I criticize in this way in the human to each other”.

Considerations, to separate from Ralf Santelli, were Heidfeld known. Date, finalisation and succession planning with Günter Neef, completed Attenberger alone. “These are the things I would have had an influence as a head of Department like. The new coach, I haven’t met until today. I have discussed with Louis and I would like to continue to help shape more.“

a significant part of the team, especially in the ranks of the in place, rooted in the player, is not with the latest internal developments, consent, confirmed captain Sebastian Ittlinger: “In may, we had with Ludwig (member of the Board Attenberger, d. ed.) a conversation in which we told him that we would like to work with Ralf (Ex-Coach Santelli) more. He wanted to assure us, but the last three games to win, and then look further.“ All three games were won by Attenberger suggested Option for a continuing cooperation with Santelli, but it was already shortly after the final whistle against Alemannia from the table.

Together with goalkeeper Valentin Katterloher, Simon and Noah Haberl, Andreas Maier, and Manuel Graf, Sebastian Ittlinger has now joined the neighbouring club FC Forstern. “The departure of Ralf was not necessarily the trigger,” he explains. “That was for all of us is a serious decision, and we hope that the high lindener are too pissed off and disappointed. We want to support the club even more. But we had no planning security, and we decided together to try something New.“

As a protest March on the County line, to the circle of classic most people should not understand the group exchange. “It was important for us, as friends, together to continue, without major travel expenses”, so Ittlinger. The choice fell on the circle, classifying most FCF, the Athletic Director Roland Gfüllner emphasizes: “For us, this is of course a dream. A Sechser in the Lotto. But they are all come up to me, I have no one moves on and does not want to jeopardize the good collaboration with Hohenlinden.“

Whether the sextet further Disposals to follow, can Thomas Heidfeld to say until tonight, when the deadline for the submission of de-registrations has passed. In the first of two formal cancellations were the SVH-head of Department until Sunday evening. Noah Haberl, Florian Peter (“no longer want to play the game at all”). “Of course it is a pity to lose one or the other of these guys and there was also a piece of club then goes away,” said Heidfeld. “But we can compensate in football with the additions.”

in this Respect, you could name them for the time being, only Thomas Hamberger (28, VfB Hallbergmoos-Goldach) and attacker Marco Candussi (23, BSC Sendling). Further obligations are soon to be made public. Then, the short-term direction of the Neef will accept-Eleven sharper contours. In any case, it will be a narrow ridge. “A retort to a team no one wants to here in town,” says Thomas Heidfeld. “It would be important to have a core of good local players. Therefore, I will entertain myself with a large part of the players.“



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