SK checks blogers told about walking instead of self-isolation

the Investigative Committee shall verify the fact of publications in the social network of one of the residents of Alapayevsk, according to which, the woman has not gone into isolation after returning from Thailand.

As reported in the SU IC in the Sverdlovsk region, from the statements of the ladies that after returning home she continued to visit public places.

SK intends to establish the identity of the woman, her relatives and friends and solve the issue of sending these persons for medical examination.

according wanted – some Anastasia Bushueva. In the social network, it explained his behavior just “Flew out of Thailand on the day before it announced the quarantine.” Because the lady decided that “none of us sitting at home was not ordered”.

the publication notes that local residents repeatedly over the last time I saw a woman at the gym and café. “A lot of abuse and he threatened her with death,” the article says.

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