Dr. Komarovsky: antireligioznik when coronavirus

the TV Presenter, pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said that after the pandemic coronavirus society expect significant changes. According to the physician, people will reconsider their frivolous attitude towards the virus and prevention of diseases.

“How many of us wrestlers with vaccinations! Which are now in the hole posability,” – said Komorowski in a video on his Youtube channel.

According to him, now antireligioznik “my dream is that soon there was a vaccine against coronavirus”.

experts believe that universal vaccinations and hygiene “relaxed” society to the point that people no longer perceive the virus as a serious threat, hence the massive failures of vaccinations. He is confident that after the coronavirus society will understand how important the work of the infectious hospitals and how important it is to make stocks of protective equipment and special equipment, like a ventilator.

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