Skater Medvedev explained why he left Canada

Photos: Moscow 24/Lidiya Shironina

Russian figure skater Evgeny Medvedva told why he decided to leave Canada. Double world champion said she ended a two-week quarantine after returning from the US, reports a portal”.ru”.

According to the athlete, the country closed all rinks and gymnasiums, in connection with which she has no place to train. And regular exercise for her is extremely important, because in June, she participates in a Japanese game show on Ice Prism.

Medvedev added that between Canada and Japan can close the border indefinitely, but because she decided to leave the country.

Earlier it was reported that Yevgeny Medvedev withdrew from the championship of Russia on figure skating. It is known that she performed in broken skates, and later tried to train in the new, but failed and left the class.

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