For years, Skoda writes numbers to a new record. Was 2014 the Exceed the one million mark celebrated, is now already in the world, with 1.2 million vehicles.

a third goes to China. Here, the Czech Volkswagen subsidiary for the years ahead, the greatest potential for growth. Recently, it was presented to the Kamiq, a Compact SUV in the size of the Karoq, but the price is significantly lower positioned. Overall, if you want to sell in the middle of the next decade, globally two million cars.

In Europe, the high demand now treats problems. Customers must be put off, because of the already long delivery times often cannot be kept. Skoda currently has their hands full, to move productions and to moving capacities. The small SUV Karoq, for example, is manufactured in addition to Kvasini and Mlada Boleslav in Osnabrück.

“These measures are not sufficient, however. Therefore, we consider even a possible-to-order production“, in the case of Skoda. Because in the parent plant in Mlada Boleslav can not keep up the paint with the Assembly step, it is extended significantly. The Czechs send in the meantime, the bodies of the Fabia to Osnabrück, to leave her there to paint.

The Fabia is to the Octavia is the second best-selling model, and in the summer of 2018, his mandatory model of care. It comprises mainly a visual Overhaul, in addition, the range of assistance systems has been expanded, and the diesel engine was dropped from the program.

For 2023, the successor is on the Plan. He will be based, such as Polo and Ibiza, to the inexpressible platform MQBA0. Whether the Combi-mentioned combination is currently being discussed, especially since Skoda 2019 expanded its SUV ranges with a small model (is also on MQBA0). It’s supposed to bring below the Karoq new customers to the brand. Although the term “Polar haunted” several times through the relevant media, but that is not confirmed.

Electric Citigo is CO2-fleet emissions-reduce

The model flood makes the Czechs a little air to breathe. The Kodiaq celebrated in October in Paris and made his debut in the RS Version, equipped with a 240-HP two-liter TDI. Because of the strict CO2 targets, it has been decided at RS no Turbo gasoline engine. Save on joy to bring from 2019, the Karoq CNG. The natural gas SUV receives a monovalent System with a large Tank and 160 HP.

Also, the fleet emissions for the Citigo with electric drive is dedicated. Skoda wants to offer the little Stromer significantly lower than the price of a VW e-Up, in order to have enough compensation mass and the models with higher fuel consumption to compensate.

Maxim: Better an electric car heavily subsidize as a possible penalty for excess CO2 to transfer values to Brussels. The Citigo will expire at the beginning of the next decade. His successor is driving purely electrically.

the most Sought-after Skoda is the Octavia. In Germany, he has positioned permanently in the top ten in the number of new registrations. The new Generation will be available from the end of 2019 at the dealers and all the electronic and digital high-tech is expected to have Features from the MIB (Modular Infotainment Baukasten), the plug in the Golf 8.

Earlier, Skoda is launching the next Rapid spaceback. The study was shown at the exhibition in Paris. Supposedly, the Name is not to be used Rapid. As the Limousine disappears, but only for the German market. In 2019, the Facelift of the Superb and Superb Combi is also on the Plan. The flagship of the brand for the first time, a Plug-in hybrid drive and the first electrified model of the Czechs.

2023 puts Skoda in the field of electro-mobility, then the MEB-switch. The Volkswagen has developed a Modular electrification kit on the wolf Burger will be your I. D. to family reasons, derivatives, for the daughters of Seat, Audi and Skoda included.

Skoda derives the production version of the electric Crossover study Vision E. Already by 2023, a further battery-car will follow, probably a smaller SUV. By 2025, Skoda in addition to Plug will have-in hybrids and five all-electric models in the program.


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