BMW has a Problem: For decades, the Bayern propagate the pleasure of Driving and to define, especially about the dynamics – and so slowly, slowly you will be aware that the customers in times of digitization, increasingly, don’t care. Therefore, you must be a greater balancing act in order to defend their old values and points nevertheless, in the new categories.

nowhere is this more apparent than in the new BMW 3 series that is now celebrating its Premiere in March of 2019 in the trade. Where the C-class from Mercedes is the comfort of Croesus and with the luxury of the upper class advertises and the Audi A4 puts on perfection, you want BMW to define the sporty top-of-the-middle-class, and at the same time, in terms of digitization points.

On the way to the “Ultimate Sports Sedan”, the developer of Software and digital technology. The new 3-series gets, of course, a electronic character control, and for the first Time, an electronic limited-slip differential on the rear axle.

But above all, you have to put the car on a new, analog chassis with wider track and lower center of gravity and new dampers, which have an additional piston and thus more energy to break down, without burdening more of the intervertebral discs.

Instead of excessive hardness should remain the 3-series always gentle, and it is still not a certainty to miss. On the contrary, If it takes 200, 220 km/h-wide highway curves, creates its chassis with such unwavering confidence, that one is almost tempted to take the hands off the steering Wheel. (What we of course would never do.)

We have already moved a couple of weeks ago with the last prototype on the Nordschleife through the Boiler or the carousel. The sedan didn’t feel this acceptance, travel like a foreign body, but as a car that was built for nothing more than this track.

To Start, there is only one six-cylinder

Everything is new and yet quite Old – this is the impression the 3P in the Form and Format. The lines are new, the bow has more character, and the rear shows there was more power. In addition, the car is about eight inches in length, four inches longer in wheelbase and two inches more width.

Inside, the big Surprises, however – although it has now of course in the rear a bit more space, the boot space at 480 litres is growing, and behind the Wheel of a new Generation of digital tools is installed.

The Navi screen is responsive, more recently, at a touch of a Finger, and the individual functions can also be used with Gestures. In addition, there are 3 new voice, which is analog activated to Mercedes: “Hey BMW”, and similarly natural and intuitive to be like the dialogue with Siri & Alexa.

From its advertising slogan “sheer Driving pleasure” does not want to part with the BMW, however, Autonomous Driving is with the new 3-series. Depending on the package, and charge the car takes the driver a lot of work, as the legislature permits yet.

This is not only true for jam tracks or the highway, but for the first time, also for tricky situations, for example in city traffic or in the Parking garage. Because of the 3 saves automatically the last 50 meters of track.

as Long as you drive at least occasionally, it is worthwhile to look under the hood – even if the die-hard BMW is expected to vote Fans sad. Because at least in the starting line-up, only a six-cylinder has five engines – and that’s just the Diesel. In the 330d with the 3.0-litre unit produces 265 HP and is marked thus, is currently the top in the offer.

Including two more oil Burners with 2.0 Liter displacement and 150 or 190 HP and two diesel with 2.0 litres displacement – the 320i with 184, and the 330i with 258 HP manoeuvring. Even the weakest 3-series comes in order to 222 km/h, 250km/h as Top speed and fuel consumption values according to the manufacturer, between 4.1 liters, the 318d and 5.8 liters in the 330i.

is Mild-hybrids will probably give it until later, the Plug-in Hybrid is planned to be used, and at some point it will give the 3 series also purely electric, you can hear from Munich. But until then, the developers prefer to work a little on dynamics – finally, a M3 is planned.


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