SpiriTango Quartet
TrANsGressiOnS that Formed eight years ago by young musicians of classical training, the SpiriTango Quartet is a quartet (actual directory), but a quartet to a full-fledged (graduated as such at the Paris Conservatory), in the tradition of the great string quartets. Their Schubert is called Piazzolla (the violinist Gidon Kremer takes to the equal to the composer of The girl and death) and their scope of action, the tango. The whole rests on the accordion sovereign of Thomas Chedal, which offers a light interpretation of the Opale Concerto by Richard Galliano, and on the piano ample and welcoming Fanny Azzuro. The violin vagabond Fanny Stefanelli, the bass swaying of Benoît Levesque and asked for four pieces, the percussion zoomorph of Vassilena Serafimova also contribute to the flamboyance of a programme that combines the creators of yesterday (among others, Astor Piazzolla) and today (very nice page Graciane Finzi). Pierre Gervasoni

1 CD-Paraty.

David Bowie
Loving The Alien [1983-1988]

the Fourth box in the series of reissues historical recordings of David Bowie, Loving the Alien [1983-1988] covers the period which saw David Bowie become the international spotlight with record sales for his album Let’s Dance in 1983, and toured the gigantic – the Serious Moonlight Tour after Let’s Dance and Glass Spider Tour in 1987. In addition to this Let’s Dance, co-produced with Nile Rodgers, one finds the two albums Tonight (1984) and Never Let Me Down (1987), the one and the other in a pop-1980s designed to appeal to the greatest number, and the records of touring concerts that have already been published – one of the Serious Moonlight Tour here full. Has this set have been added three CDS of rarities : of remix of different songs, including original editions are collector’s items, different versions of those albums designed to the singles, songs only outputs as singles or recorded for films, the duets with Mick Jagger and Tina Turner.

Finally, a version saved back in 2018 from the album Never Let Me Down is proposed. Bowie was often said not satisfied with the appearance showiness of the original and had planned to re-record it, working in this direction since 2008. Here it is complete. The voice of Bowie and a few instrumental parts were preserved and the remainder replayed by new musicians, who have collaborated at other times with Bowie as the lead guitarist Reeves Gabrels, bassist Tim Lefebvre and drummer Sterling Campbell. This gives a disk more stripped down, more rock, more direct, more timeless. A curiosity that will only be available in this package. Which, like the preceding, has a polished presentation, with a thick booklet and reproductions meticulous pockets. Sylvain Siclier

1 box of 11 CD Parlophone/Warner Music.


Almost two years this quintet australian, detected by the homing of the French label Kitsuné, tickles the hype blows singles aguicheurs and concerts sudatoires. Looking forward, their first album in saying that the kids of Byron Bay (the largest city in the east of the australian continent), emigrated to Berlin, mingle decidedly to the perfection languor seaside and groove style. Riffs mischievously sexy Comedown and Lightenup, the endearing harmonies of Withorwithout (illustrated by a clip bloody with Milla Jovovich), or Tape, the ephebes pop give the soft feel to hear Daft Punk and Phoenix Jam with Chic and the Bee Gees. Things go bad yet in the fifth song, Everyroad, endless tunnel (8,36 mns) of the dialogues of the philosophical background of elevator music. And – almost – none of the seven following titles (with the exception of Tieduprightnow), vocally monotonous and melodically dishes, not to be found the gracious promises of the opening. Stéphane Davet

1 CD Kitsuné/Because.

Minino Garay
Tunga Tunga’s Band

In 2013, Minino Garay, percussionist argentina, the most famous of Paris, published an album (Asado), in homage to Cordoba, his hometown (in central Argentina), and the music of the ball as it was played in his youth : the cuarteto, also called tunga – tunga. A kind of fusion strong, joyful, nourished, among others, of ” the tarantella and the paso-doble, reported by Italian and Spanish immigrants in Argentina “, explains the musician and singer. This exhilarating mixture accompanied by a wave of popular sayings and rogues, born in the 1940s, it is still the about this new album, recorded between France and Cordoba, which he dedicated to the memory of his father, who died recently. He invited a gaggle of accomplices, women and men, such as the singer Carlos “La Mona” Jimenez. Stories of the funny, love, desires or disagreements, a reinterpretation of the tasty of Her eyes revolver (Marc Lavoine), Azzurro (the success of Adriano Celentano, composed by Paolo Conte) parade on a background of strings, piano and accordion hopping at a lively pace. A disk partier, to dance without ways. Patrick Labesse

1 CD Viavox/The Other Distribution.

Bixiga 70

A puzzle (quebra cabeça), the music of this small band of afro-funky of Sao Paulo, nine musicians whose shared history has begun to Bixiga, a cosmopolitan area of the metropolis ? Not the least of the world. Urban and feverish, full of rhythms scoundrels and soaring brass that ring, it radiates clearly, if imposed immediately, to the ear as much as the body. As in the previous ones, the afro-beat of nigerian and highlife in ghana’s run in the fourth album of these Brazilian toqués of urban sounds african, with nods to Jamaica, the funk, the groove, ethiopian, and breakthroughs of jazz or rock guitar. The boys push even further the boundaries of their playground usual, injecting the sounds of electro and shoots new. A hybrid music assumed and claimed. A real headache for the maniacs of the storage. Patrick Labesse

1 CD Glitterbeat/Differ-ant.


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