Tymoshenko: Ukrainian authorities are preparing to crank Scam century

this MP wrote in his Facebook. According to her, the Ukrainian authorities want to “Scam of the century”, by adopting the bill on the opening of the land market. The politician believes that the reason for this can be called a pandemic coronavirus.

“a Law which in a few years will allow foreigners to buy up our soils. And our land will yield results and profits are not Ukrainians, and international holdings, which has long put eye on her”, – says the publication.

Tymoshenko has said that it has scheduled an extraordinary session of the Ukrainian Parliament.

“People will explain that the only way you will be able to get another loan and avoid default. This is a deception and cynical manipulation!” she said, noting that the country’s leadership enjoys the fact that citizens are not able to go to the protests because of the quarantine.