Electric and Hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. However, the supposedly environmentally-friendly vehicles prepare to fire a lot of problems, as soon as a fire breaks out. In the Netherlands, the fire fighters have resorted to brutal means, to extinguish a burning BMW i8.

fire sunk the BMW i8 in the Container with water

In the Dutch city of Breda, a BMW-salesman, noticed that one of his exhibition pieces begins to smoke. Like the car magazine Carscoops reports, the man currently behind the wheel of the kokelnden BMW i8 and drove him out.

The arriving firefighters immediately went to work and put out the flames of the BMW i8. As in the case of electric or Hybrid cars in danger of the fire flaring up again, ordered the Feuerwehrler a Container with water. In this sinking short-hand Hybrid car.

all were sure that no danger emanated from the BMW i8, could be brought out to the car again. Why the fire broke out, is not yet known. The extinguishing water was then disposed of in a professional way, as it was filthy with numerous liquids of the vehicle.

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Around 11,000 liters of water to extinguish burning electric cars

The action might seem excessive at first glance, however, burning of the electric and Hybrid are delete cars. Tesla even assume that for the final Delete of an electric car fire around 11,000 liters of water, and 24 hours, reported the Online car magazine drive tribe.

The Problem with fires in such vehicles the batteries are. These usually consist of thousands of individual cells from inflammatory Lithium. The are isolated, only the spread of the fire slowed, however. For fire departments, it is therefore difficult to localize the source of the Fire. There is also the risk that the battery will ignite again and again.

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