Sobyanin told about additional measures to combat coronavirus


Sergei Sobyanin told, what measures are being taken in the capital to combat coronavirus. According to him, in Moscow, the cases of Wuhan pneumonia have been identified.

the Mayor said that currently the joint work is underway with the Federal government in the development and implementation of additional preventive measures to prevent infection in Moscow.

In particular, on 20 February Chinese citizens denied entry to Russia. However, despite this, the capital of China continue to back the Russians, and it is also possible the entry of citizens of other countries previously have visited China.

In this regard, airports are still on duty medical teams for rapid detection of infected people. All arrived from China passengers take the tests for coronavirus. In addition, all coming from China leave for two weeks at home or in a hotel without the right to exit outside the building. Tourists with a temperature of from hospitalitynet to the hospital.

in addition, Sobyanin told about carrying out in Moscow raids police and health care workers in hostels and hotels, which can be Chinese. The monitoring of arrivals is also underway in the metro and in the Moscow transport.

According to the mayor of the capital, at the moment there are about 2.5 thousand of decisions on a two-week isolation, after which all patients will be taken re-analysis of coronavirus.

“a Few days ago arrived in Moscow a citizen of the PRC. At the airport, she was tested for coronavirus and got a decree on a two-week isolation. The test gave a positive result. I must say – it was a lab error. But in that moment, we knew nothing about it. Immediately to her rented apartment, left the ambulance, and the woman was hospitalized to the infectious diseases hospital”, – gave the example of preventive action Sobyanin.

He added that a neighbor is hospitalized citizen broke the isolation mode, leaving the house to meet with a friend, it revealed withthe power of surveillance cameras. In the end, both had taken the tests.

Also in the capital works enhanced disinfection regime in places of a congestion of people – in sports, entertainment, cultural facilities, shopping centers and markets. All areas are thoroughly cleaned with the use of special tools.

the Same cleaning is carried out in public transport, including taxis and auto karteninhaber.

in addition, the mayor announced the start of early spring cleaning of the city. In connection with the coronavirus, they will be greatly enhanced. In particular, it will additionally be deratization – destruction of rodents in residential buildings.

Own production of medical masks have deployed in Technopolis “Moscow” the mayor assured. According to him, means of individual protection can be ensured for all citizens, thus creating additional minimum stock.

Earlier it was recorded a shortage of medical masks in Moscow and Karachay-Cherkessia. The FAS began checking the pharmacy, overprice products amid reports about the spread of Chinese coronavirus.

the Ministry reported that for the unjustified increase in the cost of masks pharmacies will be punished by fines. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has demanded to revoke the license of a pharmacy found to be speculation.

the Mayor also pointed to the fact that residents will be regularly informed about the situation with coronavirus and keep up to date with all the changes.

an Outbreak of coronavirus was identified in the Chinese city of Wuhan at the end of last year. The who has recognized her emergency of international scale, calling the virus an epidemic with many pockets.

According to the latest data, the total number of infected exceeded 75 thousand people died 2236, recovered more than 18 thousand.

In the center of Moscow to conduct raids to identify persons with symptoms of the coronavirus

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