Truck with rocket fuel exploded in Indianapolis

In Indiana blew up a truck which was carrying rocket fuel

the Truck with rocket fuel exploded on a bridge in the centre of the American city of Indianapolis.

currently, victims as a result of the incident is not detected. The driver managed to get out of the car witnesses. He now resides in one of the city hospitals.

Earlier, a similar incident happened in Kiev, where the burned ten filled with fuel oil tankers.

Earlier, the President of the United States Donald trump announced the US intention to create “the most powerful” nuclear forces in the absence of agreements on arms control with Russia and China.

on 19 January, the Pentagon published a photo of the shape of the Space forces of the United States. The basis was taken camouflage uniforms of the army and air force.

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In the state Duma appreciated the article about the obstacle to the United States in the “war” with Russiarussia in Afghanistan, the aircraft could belong to the US air force – media