Social activists proposed measures of

this is stated in spectacle on the implementation of the national project “Housing and the urban environment”. The document was prepared by the CCRF. Experts gave a few suggestions the time of quarantine. The first and foremost thing is to drop the monthly mortgage payments in half. According to the estimates of public men, 36 percent of the payment takes the state in taxes and fees, 18 percent of the revenue of the Bank. Due to the difficult situation of coronavirus, the authors propose to exempt buyers of mortgage housing from these parts of the payment – in the amount of 54 percent.

in addition, the activists offered to forbid banks to raise mortgage rates, and borrowers to provide temporary relief opportunity to pay only the principle of the loan without interest. Another measure to improve the housing situation can touch people in need in the production queue for housing. The authors propose to establish across the country a single standard of provision of square meters per person. As explained by the public men now in every region of this standard your (in Moscow it is 18 square meters). Activists also find useful the provision of subsidies for rental housing in the private sector, while reducing taxes for landlords who prefer to rent their property legally.