The historian of sport, commented on the transfer of the Olympics


Summer Olympic games in Tokyo can transfer to 2022, said the President of the Club, History and statistics of sports Alexander Lyubimov. It is reported IA “NSN”.

the International Olympic Committee, he said, will need to negotiate with each Federation for sport on the date of the OI.

“But the timing of Games 2022, 2024 years will remain the same. But the fact that the Games will be 20-m and 21-m, I have no confidence. Judging by how it’s all happening now, the Olympics can be held in 2022,” – said Lyubimov.

President of the Olympic Committee of the Russian Federation Stanislav Pozdnyakov has supported the decision of the head of the IOC Thomas Bach on the transfer of the Olympics in Tokyo in 2022. He sent an open letter to Bach, where he noted that this decision is motivated by a desire to reduce the risks of threats to human health.

the correctness of the decision to transfer the Games celebrated, and state Duma Deputy Artur Taymazov. He expressed the hope that similar problems will not occur in the future.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed that the Olympic games should be held no later than the summer of 2022. Also this year will not hold and Paralympic games.

Informed about the need of transfer stated in the Olympic Committee of the USA. The decision not to participate in the Games regardless of the requirements the IOC has previously adopted several countries, including Canada and Australia.

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