Some mercenaries fought in Chechnya against the Federal forces

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In the First and Second Chechen campaign on the side of the militants were not only Chechens, but also mercenaries, who “defended the sovereignty” of the Chechen Republic.

the Mercenaries – who are they?

the Mercenaries who fought in the First and Second Chechen campaigns can be divided into two types. First – those who needed money, the second – those for whom “kill the Russian” is a matter of principle. There are “political” – the Kosovar Albanians, for example, who can not “forgive” Russia’s sympathy for the Serbs.

In December 1999, in Grozny, there were about 300 mercenaries from Ukraine, part of which fought in the First Chechen campaign. It was representatives of the organization “Ukrainian national Assembly – Ukrainian national Self defense” (UNA-UNSO)*, which actively helped Dudayev soldiers. Russian soldiers called the Ukrainian mercenaries “bacon in the trenches”. Such derogatory tone against mercenaries is not uncommon – they are not fighting for the country, for principles and ideals, but for money. There is another type of mercenaries – Russian, who are fighting against the feds. This is mainly criminals that are hiding from justice. Among them were addicts, which are strongly “addicted” to the Chechen drugs.

According to Russian presidential aide Sergei Yastrzhembsky, in total, the side of the Chechen war 800 people from near and far abroad. According to Yastrzhembsky, a connection was made between Dudayev and the Islamic terrorists who have become one of the main destabilizing factors.

Surprisingly, among the mercenaries and Dudayev was a “romance”. In the book of A. Korchinsky, former leader of UNA-UNSO* says that some wanted adventure, so he went to fight in Chechnya.

Why the Second Chechen campaign was less mercenaries?

Before the Second Chechen campaign, the Republic turned into a big gangITSC island. Mercenaries was lower primarily because of the actions of the Russian army. In the ranks of the militants were mostly Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians. Second, Basayev and his company were paid mercenaries of the fake dollars that have been printed in Urus-Martan. Another stumbling block is the contract. It was stated that the gunman gets the money in the case of evidence of the murder of the Russian soldier or officer. A separate award was for the destroyed tank or armored personnel carrier. Foreign mercenaries are blamed Chechen commanders because military equipment was virtually impossible to knock out because of the constant air raids.

in addition, mercenaries were not perceived among the local population. Contractors engaged in robbery, took away not only food, but also clothes, household items. Field commanders were forbidden to enter houses with the castle soldiers climbed out of the window. Among the mercenaries there were many drug addicts – they fought and diligently searching for a dose.

the mercenaries

the party of the Second Chechen campaign, says: “They said that in Ukraine, in the West, is very highly developed with 50 years of anti-Russian movement there is brain washed almost in clandestine schools. The place was called Exactly, I do not remember the exact name. He said that he and his family were very happy that he went to kill the Russian.”

From the story of a soldier of the marine corps, a veteran of the 1st Chechen campaign, 61st marine regiment of the Northern Fleet: “Our Marines are faced with the Ukrainians in the first and in the second Chechen. In the first Chechen “Vikings” mocked the Russian soldiers are more cruel than the Arabs…And to fight against them was more dangerous: for example, they could dress in peace and lure the soldiers into an ambush. Or even pretending to be our (officers — approx.) donning the appropriate form and went to talk with the “pencil” (young inexperienced conscripts) — “bred” for the surrender of weapons and captured and then killed without pity.”

From the memoirs of an officer of the 61 regiment of Marines of the Northern FloTA: back In 1999 me, the young letea, in the office in Novogroznensky operate WRC issued a photo of 2 people: Shukevich and Kapinos. And said that the leaders of UNA-UNSO*. “The mansion” said the other Bandera can do what they want, but these two will deliver two if the live — in debt to the Special branch will remain. But me in those days was not thinking about the awards — I forgot about promises special person almost immediately… it took just a couple of days and we ran into stiff resistance in one of the villages. Vova (soldiers of Internal troops of the interior Ministry. — ed.) surrounded the hearth, and we went with the double basses to find out what it is. About 15-20 min lasted the fight. Then the fire from that side ceased. …Prisoner gave the guy 20 years and one wounded him — he is older. Both the Ukrainians. They fought to the last bullet — we knew that they Khan. They do not need anyone — neither from local nor from our…

Lieutenant, a veteran of the second campaign, holder of medals “For Courage” and “the Caucasian Cross” (“For service on Caucasus”):

…I think there (in the army of Ukraine) a lot of morons who fought in Chechnya, because war is the same disease, addiction. To get rid of her, you need to understand that you fought in order for this to live. Why, after the great Patriotic no “veteran syndromes” is not it? That is, of course, was just not wrote about it… But was not so EN masse with disabilities a far greater problem was. Because people fought for peace and for their land. Defended land, returned to earth the world — now we have to build. Children to do to raise these kids under the blue sky. For blue and sprinkled Reds. And these sadists makes no sense in peacetime. They have nothing to live for. That fight, possessed.

* (UNA-UNSO)*-a terrorist organization banned in Russia

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