Sony has announced the preparation of five flights for the removal of the Russians from abroad

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

Five flights for transportation of passengers is scheduled for April 3, 2024. About it reports Agency “Moscow” with reference to the Federal air transport Agency.

“In the schedule of export of the Russian citizens on April 3 included five commercial flights. Timetable subject to the restrictions on the number of incoming,” said the Agency.

Thursday, April 2, in Russia will return seven flights with the Russians. Three of them have Moscow.

On 31 Mar, Russia has restricted the export quantity of Charter flights and the number of visitors per day. Under the new rules at the same time, the country can return no more than 500 people.

since March 27, Russia stopped regular and Charter flights from foreign States.

In Russia at the moment was 3548 cases of coronavirus infection in 76 regions. Discharged on recovery during the day, 45 people, 25 of them in Moscow. Total discharged 235 people.

Under the supervision of doctors in Russia because of a suspected infection with coronavirus is more 215,5 thousands of people.

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