The Spice Girls are planning further musical projects. Emma Bunton, known as ‘Baby Spice’ within the ‘Viva Forever’ band, has told ‘MailOnline’ that her British girl band is still planning something else: ‘There are still some pretty exciting things about the’ Spice Girls’ come. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we can give more shows. ”

The blonde explained further: “I spoke to Geri [Horner] and the other women. We are talking about other projects. (…) Live shows are a little difficult to organize right now, but there are also many other small projects. ”

Difficult to organize

When asked what the future holds for her, Emma Bunton recently replied to BBC Radio 2: “We are talking about it all the time. We are very close. We all have our families, our children, and we love doing things together, but it is difficult to get all of us together to approve things and ensure that we all want to do the same thing. But we will always be this unit and sometimes we say ‘Okay, let’s tour’ and sometimes we make an appearance, ‘let’s make an animated film’ … ”

The blonde also revealed that she had caught “mild pneumonia” during the Spice World Tour this year after standing on the stage several times in the rain. Still, it was her “favorite” tour ever, as she went on to say: “I totally loved it, but then I broke down. This is what the doctor said: ‘An easy case of pneumonia.’ It was so great and so high, but we danced a lot in the rain and it went really well. ”


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