Linkin Park talked about their album plans without Chester Bennington. In 2017, Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington committed suicide in his home in Los Angeles. Since then, it has not been entirely clear how his band should go on.

Nevertheless, completely new music is already in the making, even if its front man is no longer there. Bassist Dave Farrell now said according to ‘’: “We, as a band, started writing before it all started. At this point, we accordingly hold very cozy ‘zoom’ meetings to have lunch together and say hello. But we haven’t been able to get together and write so far. We work a bit from home, develop ideas. ”

Uncertain for a long time

Some time after his death, Farrell had asked Sirius XM how to continue, “It’s a big question. I think the easiest way to answer that is probably to say that I don’t know. And then I can go into it in detail. The five of us, we still love every chance we get to hang out together. We hang out quite often. I think we will make music again. We all want it. We still all enjoy being together and being together. ”

And further: “But we have the huge process ahead of us to find out what we want to do and what it will look like. And I have no plan for how much time it will take. I have never followed this path [or have never gone through this process completely], so it is very difficult to set a time [window] or a day. ”


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