Stalin lived in Vienna next to Hitler

History 25/03/20 Stalin in Vienna lived next door to Hitler

the Confrontation between Germany and the Soviet Union became the largest conflict of the twentieth century. It turns out that for several decades before the tragic events of June 1941 fate has brought these two people — in Vienna, where they lived for a time in the neighborhood.

Stalin in Vienna

Soviet historian Anatolii Chernobaev, in his book “Stalin Stalin” is quite accurate and describes in detail the biography of the leader of the peoples on the basis of archival documents and testimonies of contemporaries. It is known that at the end of 1912 Joseph Dzhugashvili (then known as Koba) escaped from exile and arrived to the territory of the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In Krakow, he met with Lenin, and then came to Vienna and stayed there for Alexander Troyanovsky. January and February 1913, Stalin spent in Vienna at Chebronites, 20, apartment 7.

Hitler in Vienna

as Adolf Hitler, about his stays in Vienna in 1912-1913 we know from the memoirs of Bridget Dowling — wife of the elder brother of Adolf Hitler Alois. 18-year-old Adolf came to Vienna in September 1907 for admission to an art Academy but failed the exams. It is known that until may of 1913, Adolf Hitler lived in Vienna. However, to establish the exact address today quite problematic, as he often changed his place of residence.

Nikolai Zenkovich in his book “the Most private of people” argues that “a neighbor [Stalin] the hotel was a local artist Adolf Hitler.” But the German historian, Werner maser, in his book “Adolf Hitler” talking about a different Vienna — Brigittenau, located on the opposite Bank of the Danube. However, it is only about 4 km from the then place of residence Dzhugashvili, the scale of the capital city quite a bit.

who else?

Interesting coincidences don’t end there. Then, in January-February 1913 thYes, in Vienna we lived even a few famous personalities. In particular, the future head of Yugoslavia, Josip Broz Tito. At the end of the year he had to leave the army, and while he enjoyed life, worked at the plant of Daimler, he studied fencing and German and from time to time — as he mentioned in his memoirs, the elder brother Josip, Martin, was visited by the famous psychoanalyst — Sigmund Freud.

was there a meeting?

you Probably wonder, and could Stalin in Vienna to meet with Hitler or Tito? If we are talking about a full-fledged meeting with the conversation, barely. Though, because Stalin did not speak German language and means to talk with his future opponent could not. But just meet on the street could easily. It is known that Dzhugashvili had visited the Vienna library, and walked in the city centre. In the first case the route could intersect with the route of Hitler, who was returning from classes at the art Academy. In addition, Adolf spent much time in the centre of Vienna, drawing his watercolours, which at the time sold well. So, maybe walking even Stalin observed the work of a failed artist.

Yaroslav Gorbunov

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