The time on the bridge of The Saints

The Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) starts up at three in the afternoon of this Thursday, a special device to regulate, monitor and provide security to the 4.8 million journeys a long distance provided by road on the long weekend for the feast of All Saints. Many of these trips will occur for the visit to the cemeteries, so that will increase both the displacement of the short-range as the long distance.

The main problems of circulation will occur at the outlets of the big cities and also in the main roads to the tourist areas and second homes. Traffic expected from the first hours of the afternoon of this Thursday, will go to increasing the traffic out of the major urban centres, an intensity that will move as you go past the evening to target areas.


The road kills more in the Spain empty the helicopter of the DGT ‘hunting’ a driver by doing the Rubik’s cube The number of road deaths falls in August at historic lows

A similar situation will be repeated Friday morning. In addition throughout the day you will be disturbing the access roads to the cemeteries of the different populations, with the occasion of the traditional visit on this day is done to them. From the early hours of Sunday evening, the intensity of vehicles on the road will increase progressively due to the return to places of origin.

The DGT says that it will deploy all human and material means at its disposal to monitor the correct behaviour of the drivers and try to avoid accidents. In addition, you will use the cameras on the road to monitor the use of the belt and the cell phone on the steering wheel, which also control the Civil Guard from vehicles camouflaged. We will monitor also the compliance of speed limits, the control of which will be made through fixed speed cameras and mobile phones that have vehicles of group of Traffic of the Civil Guard.

From the air, the monitoring will be held with the helicopters and drones that are available on the DGT, which will also intensify the preventive controls of alcohol and drugs at any time of the day and on any road


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