The pressure of the protests by the procés has forced universities to modify the system of evaluation so that students who wish to combine the academic activity with the assistance of the demonstrations and acts of violence against the sentence to the pro-independence leaders imprisoned. In recent days, a number of Catalan public universities have already accepted a more flexible model of evaluation.


Catalan Universities modify the system of evaluation, pressured by the protests of ‘procés’

University of Barcelona. The team of government delegated to the faculties decision to relax or not the evaluation system. Of the 16 schools, 13 have reached agreements. The faculties of Education, Economics, Earth Sciences, Philosophy and Geography and History, Mathematics, Medicine, Psychology, Chemistry, Physics, Law and Philology and Communication, have extended the deadline for students to apply for the single assessment and have asked the teachers that, to the extent possible, postpone the compulsory activities or assessable. The Faculty of Mathematics, in addition, has postponed the exams planned for this week. For its part, the School of Pharmacy, has not facilitated to avail of the single assessment, but has chosen to suspend the activities of assessment, classroom practices and the activities of compulsory attendance until the 5 of November.

Autonomous University of Barcelona. The Council of Government has approved this Wednesday to change the rules of assessment and provide “exceptionally” the possibility of student access to a “proof of final synthesis recoverable”. The measure is only applicable this quarter and for students who so request in advance. However, the agreement also stipulates that each faculty will identify, in accordance with its uniqueness academic subjects that are “not likely to be detectable with a test of final synthesis”. The Cloister of the UAB had discussed the possibility of changing the assessment, but not voted on, so that the rector channeled the demand of the students through the Council of Government.

University of Girona. The university senate endorsed unanimously a statement that any student can apply for the single assessment (final exam). “The student that needs to adapt to this new system of assessment can be done individually for each subject or module is from the moment you as well is approved in the Council of Government.” The governing Council will be implemented in the next few days how this will develop this alternative system of evaluation.

University Pompeu Fabra. The cloister, maximum organ of representation of the educational community, had rejected the proposal of the single assessment. But the protests this Tuesday, with a small group of 140 kids blocking the entrances to the three campuses, has forced the rector to capitulate. At noon yesterday, the rector, Jaume Casals, announced that the UPF adapt the assessment to ensure the right of some to protest and others to attend the class. “Any claim to academic with respect to the system of evaluation will be taken care of and we will study the cases to not be seen violated the rights of students. The student who asks, will be evaluated in a single call”, said Casals. The UPF does not apply to the single assessment in a systematic way, but will look for alternatives in order to adapt the assessment to each case and according to the particularities of each faculty.

Polytechnic University of Catalonia. The team rector deputed in each centre’s decision to allow a single assessment or not.

University Rovira i Virgili. Up to now, maintains the evaluation system without change, but the chancellor has asked the deans of the faculties, to the extent possible, avoid these days the activities assessable or compulsory. The government team still has a meeting to decide whether it modifies the evaluation system.

University of Lleida. The vice-rector of Academic Planning, Francesc Giné, sent a statement to the deans of their faculties that “the establishment of mechanisms for the students who want to make a single assessment, they can do it,” explained a spokesman.


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