The live show in Corona times

In Corona times, the makers of the “ZDF television garden” had to break new ground. If the popular live broadcast usually lives on Sunday morning from the audience, this has been ruled out since the beginning of the 2024 season on May 10, due to Corona. Will this exceptional situation persist on Pentecost weekend despite the easing?

"At the moment it is still the case that only people directly involved in the production are allowed on the set and that there is no audience on-site production off the arena," explains ZDF spokesman Stefan Unglaube when asked by the spot on news news agency.

Two programs are due this weekend. On Pentecost Sunday (May 31st), the big puzzle "TV garden" will be broadcast on ZDF from 11:50 a.m. This time, the live show from the broadcast center in Mainz is about entertaining and exciting brain games, a cute puppy of dogs and fascinating artists. In addition, hostess Andrea Kiewel (54) is looking forward to celebrity guests again, including Christine Ursprunguch (49), Kerstin Ott (38), Patricia Kelly (50), Laith Al-Deen (48) and the Schlager boy group Feuerherz (since 2014) .

A day later, on Whit Monday (June 1st), the station again invites you to morning entertainment. The “ZDF television garden” will start at 11:00 am and guests will include the Cologne music group Höhner (since 1972), the pop group Orange Blue (since 1992) and Giovanni Zarrella (42).

The "ZDF television garden" has been broadcast live from the grounds of the ZDF broadcasting center in Mainz-Lerchenberg on Sunday mornings since 1986 in the summer months.



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