That it would be his game and that was after only a few minutes clear. There he stood in a cheering pose in front of his gate, and screaming his friends and also a little bit of tension out of the body: Andreas Wolff, goalkeeper of the national Handball team, the drive to Protect the opponents ‘ Brazil to despair. Again and again, the bearded giant of a man from Kiel, parried the shots, blocked with the breast, or drew them by Hand sent to the post. Wolff, the man of the first half, laid the Foundation stone for the high victory against Brazil.

Andreas Wolff will quickly get back to the bear rest

“Andi was very present,” said Hendrik Pekeler, the circle runner. “He has to give us security.” Also Fabian Wiede, playmaker in the German Team, was full of praise: “A strong performance by Andi today. The defense was class. The fact we have built.”

Andreas Wolff had found back to the final siren with his Bear alone. “We have shown that we are very good performance in the situation, when we concentrate fully,” said the 28-year-old goalkeeper from THW Kiel.

Sport compact Handball world championship: Germany is also convincing in the second world Cup match

The sovereignty, Wolff radiates in these days at the Handball world championship, he has had to work laboriously. When Wolff played as a young goalkeeper at the HSG Wetzlar, they glowed in front of ambition, and was often out of balance. Every League game he jazzte to his personal world Cup final. He wanted to keep every Ball, every. It worked, of course, never, not a football game ends in a zero, and still, Wolff was sometimes already after five minutes, so ready with the nerves that he had to be replaced.

A Spaniard taught him Serenity

not withdraw, to comprehend each successful throw of the opponent as a personal failure that has learned Wolff, José Javier Hombrados. In Wetzlar, Germany, former Spanish international Keeper was the number two behind Wolff and a very different Torwarttyp.

Who saw Hombrados play, they called in Wetzlar, “Iota”, could think of, have little pleasure in his Job. There is no fire burning, and there stood a guy with a semi-bald head and schlabbrigem Jersey between the posts and left the game. Only in the last fraction of a second, in which the shooter threw the Ball on goal, shrugged Hombrados – and rejected the litter often. The enemy desperate on him. Hombrados was not easy to interpret. His facial Expressions, his body language is like a blank sheet of paper.


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