Due to climate warming could have melted the glaciers in the Alps up to the year 2100, to a large extent. To write the Swiss researchers in the journal The Cryosphere. They are based on a computer model that takes into account ice flow and melting processes, as well as data from the observation of the glacier.

The researchers have designed two scenarios: if the global warming until the end of the century under two degrees compared to pre-industrial time would be lost between 2017 and 2100, approximately two-thirds of the glaciers in the Alps. Should warm up the climate more, could be gone at the end of the century, more than 90 percent of the ice mass. Only individual spots remained, Matthias Huss from the Swiss Federal Institute of technology (ETH) in Zurich, cited in a message.

Largely regardless of how the greenhouse gas emissions developed from the scientists that the glaciers in the Alps between 2017 and 2050, about 50 percent of its mass will lose. In the years that followed, it was emphasized how the climate is developing. “The glaciers in the European Alps and their recent development are some of the clearest indicators of climate change,” said researchers from ETH Zurich Daniel Nine, which was also involved in the investigation.

The study confirm the Significant assumptions to the development of the glacier, said climate researcher Ben Marzeion from the University of Bremen, who was not involved in the study. The big step was that in the study of the movement of the ice taken into account. “The ice deforms, slips down the mountain, which is mitmodelliert in the study, explicitly for the first Time.”


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