The enemy is not only in Muffins or chocolate. He lurks there, too, where him hardly a thought. In vinegar and sausage bread, for example. Prior to that, a number of authors and blog alert currently like, the keyword #Sugarfree runs through the social networks. Sugar-containing food is as ever to the drug, the life without a self attempt. Instead of jam there is fresh grain porridge, instead of household sugar substitute sweet moves with names such as erythritol in the cheese cake. The next big Hype after Vegan, lactose – and gluten-free? Experts consider this to be critical.

daily question brown sugar Is healthier than white sugar?

The new wave of sugar-opponent, it’s more than dental caries. With the waiver in connection will bring you a radiant complexion, less wrinkles, bubbling, tumbling pounds, more sense of taste and ability to concentrate. “It was a new life,” said the presenter Anastasia Zampounidis last year in a talk show, ten years after their conversion to sugar-free foods. Previously she was a Dependent, she said. Women’s magazines jumped on the subject because the presenter was your age, 48, by no means.

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waiver Makes Sugar young and beautiful?

it May be a really sugar waiver? “Sugar is not overly healthy and if we eat a lot of it, it has negative effects for the metabolism. But data on the effects for the beauty of it is,” says the endocrinologist Andreas Pfeiffer of the German Institute for nutritional research in Potsdam and the Charité hospital in Berlin. Negative consequences relating to primarily already fat people.

In healthy Slim is evidence of a harmful effect is very, very hard. To dose and effect of sugar there are few data, Experiments on mice are 1:1 transferable to humans. “Sugar has to omit Substantially to the effect that it is less thick, if it tends to be thick,” says Pfeiffer.

aspartame, Saccharin, and co. science with connotation: Are artificial sweeteners really a good substitute for sugar?

No sugar, this is styles part of the Diet such as Clean Eating (modern wholefoods) and the stone age diet the Paleo. What is meant is usually the renunciation of industrial sugar and finished products, the sugar in the Form of glucose-fructose syrup contain. Part lower calorie sweeteners instead come to the plate. Strictly speaking, sugar-free diet would also be free of carbohydrates, and Were, naturally contain sugar, such as fruit, vegetables and milk.

“sugar-free” with a lot of English. In a book description, it says a sugar free diet mean a “clean Lifestyle sense of life with countless Feel-Good-and-Be-Happy-moments”. Who still speaks of a diet? Today, it’s about the “Challenge” is a challenge. Behind the well-Known: put a Plan to the diet over several weeks, it is to see it through. Photos show baskets women with green Smoothies and fruit. A guidebook author writes, anticipating the female tone of voice: “I’m not a scientist, but a human Guinea pig.”

sweeteners – healthy sugar replacement?

With beautiful packaging, let the layman in eat questions quickly lead, says the nutritionist Gabriele Kaufmann from the Federal center for nutrition. It is clear: “Completely sugar-do not need to be free.” They also emphasized, with a view to Healthy that giving up Gluten: “There are no wrong foods, just the wrong approach to this.” That is to say: too much, too one-sided to eat. Kaufmann warns that even the beat of the metabolism can get just by dietary changes without professional advice. The yo-yo effect after the “Challenge” may be included.

Antje Gahl, spokesperson for the German nutrition society (DGE), is also in the Dodge on sweeteners skeptical: These are often expensive and should moderately be used. Although you would be considered safe. A revaluation was completed only in 2023.

Interview, sweeteners, caffeine, phosphoric acid expert reveals: How harmful Cola Light? By Ilona Kriesl

something like the Pope of the sugar-abstainers Robert Lustig of the University of California. The medical doctor who has an audience of millions on YouTube, accused the U.S. food industry for years, “hide the poison” in the food – in the Form of sugar syrup from Corn, which contains a lot of metabolic adverse fructose. This cheap Sweet put in sodas, bread and ready-to-eat and had become a main source of food. For Fun the cause of Obesity and diseases such as Diabetes in the USA.

combination of fat and sugar in the problematic

Funny consumption go very high in sugar, so researchers Andreas Pfeiffer. Regardless of the fact that the Corn syrup in Germany, has not been processed, for him it is the combination of sugar and fat in pastry “quite toxic”. And, of course, to many sweet, attractive products on the market, most of all sodas. “This is a huge problem. The people just eat pretty unhealthy,” says Pfeiffer. To call sugar an addictive substance, he finds problematic. Strong Desire he sees in Psyche and learned habits rooted. This starts already in childhood – if there is a reward of sweets.

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