Between the end of 2016 and may 2018, complained of at least 40 employees of the U.S. Embassy in the Cuban capital of Havana reported the sudden onset of health problems (the star). Among the symptoms dizziness, headache and memory disorders. The majority of affected government employees reported to have immediately prior to the start of the complaints, an ominous noise is heard. The statements about its sound diverged.

The theories about the cause, went at the time of an acoustic attack from an unknown sound-weapon, chemical attacks, to the chirping Cuban grill. You have not solved the mystery of the sudden-onset neurological symptoms and the mysterious sound yet. Doctors described the damage as “concussion with no vibration”.

brain volume Affected is smaller than in other subjects

Now examined US-researchers at the University of Pennsylvania by MRI Scans of the brains of 40 Affected and compared with those of 48 healthy subjects. The results of the study published Tuesday in the journal “Journal of the American Medical Association”.

Mysterious illness cases, this Is the high-frequency sound, with the US diplomats in Cuba have been attacked?

The results were astounding, said study leader Ragini Verma told the Reuters news Agency. “Most of these patients had a specific type of symptoms, and there is a clinical abnormality, which is reflects in a figurative anomaly.” Say: The symptoms are reflected in the brain Scans, the brains of the Diseased from the Healthy, visible changes.

So, for example, the volume of White matter throughout the brain, which is mostly made up of millions of connecting cables or nerve fibers had been Affected is significantly smaller than in the case of the studied subjects in the control group, the study. The deviation was five percent. Also in the Gray matter – in the mental clearing processes and memory sticks – were found to be regional variations, as well as in other areas of the Brain.

The incidents resulted in new regulations between Cuba and the U.S.

The findings, however, provide clues as to the cause of the mysterious health problems. The incidents were known to be for a load of only shortly before, after decades of resumed diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States. Ultimately, it led to the US government withdrew some staff from the Embassy.

The Cuban government said, according to Reuters, the new study results would not be consistent with previous studies, and only help to tarnish the image further. A spokesman for the US state Department, in turn, welcomed the Agency, according to the discussion in the medical community about “this incredibly complex issue”.

sources: Reuters, The Guardian, “the Journal of the American Medical Association”, “spectrum”

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