The current corona numbers of the RKI are there – and slowly but surely you can get nervous! It was clearly pointed out that in order to contain the pandemic, an R value below 1 is required – now the R value rises again – and that clearly!

What's going on there? The R-value roller coaster has been going for days, a short relaxation at the weekend, now a rapid increase again! As reported by the Robert Koch Institute, the R value rises to an almost dramatic 1.19 (previous day 1.05)! This is the highest value in more than 2 weeks! Important – we are talking about the daily R-value – the 7-day R-value currently moves quite differently, it continues to decrease!

It makes the confusion almost complete, because the 7-day R value drops from the rest of 1 to 0.95! The next few days will show how the numbers can be interpreted and whether tougher measures have to be taken again!



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