Thailand will pay the family of the dead children more than 140 thousand dollars

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Thailand will pay the family of two Russian children who died in a collision of boats from Phuket, 140 thousand dollars. About it reports RIA Novosti, citing the Consul General of the Russian Federation on the Isle of Vladimir Sosnova.

According to him, the Vice-Governor of Phuket province, spot Retrying Na-Nongkhai on Tuesday during a meeting called the amount of payments the family. Sosnov said that for each dead child, supposed about 73.3 thousand dollars.

it is Noted that the amount of the payment is constructed of compensation from the Ministry of tourism of Thailand, insurance payments, compensations from various funds related to tourism and other Thai organizations.

Earlier, the Minister of social relations Chelyabinsk Irina Butorina said that two children from Russia came to rest from Chelyabinsk. The Ministry has already made contact with the uncle of the children. According to Butorina, the children were on vacation with grandma and grandpa.

She noted that the Ministry assists the family in dealing with the insurance company, which claimed that will cover all expenses. Butorin added that in case that they are ready to provide any assistance.

the Tragedy occurred on Monday, February 10. Two speed boats collided in the channel between the two main harbour of Phuket Bay on the Eastern side of the island. In the accident died two children. In fact the incident a criminal case.

the Consul General said that the boat carrying Russian tourists, was 36 Russians and three crew members. The collision injured 20 tourists from Russia.

the Association of tour operators said that were hospitalized two Russians. According to the Executive Director of the insurance company ERV Julia Aloneboy, we are talking about the grandparents of the dead children.

Bastrykin has taken control of the investigation into the death of Russian children in Thailand

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