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The holiday season is the best time for you to indulge in again. The only annoyance with it: pleasure and weight gain are unfortunately often close to each other. Who wants a bikini figure like US Model Kate Upton (27), should therefore be at the Buffet in the All-inclusive-Hotel reserved. With a few simple tips, you can extra Kilos avoid.

Good and aware of food

It is a simple method to be able to in the holiday hearty slam are: to focus on foods that have a high mass, but a relatively low calorie density. These include primarily all-natural foods such as fruits and vegetables count. Snacks and dishes, which consist of watermelon, carrots, broccoli, cucumbers and the Like, you can eat as much as you like, without having to be afraid of the calorie trap. In the case of these foods, you can access carefree.

another method is to eat consciously. The aim is to find an enjoyable and relaxed approach to his eating habits. Because the slower one takes his food, the less and healthier eating in General, too. This is because the purely physiological sense occurs enough to be mostly only about twenty minutes after eating. In the holiday is the time for this but since! That is, instead of all without proper mastication, should you let the body just a little more time. Because he is already a signal when it is supplied with sufficient nutrients.

sports is fun

Physical exercise is not only good eating habits, the most important strategy to protect against Obesity. In the holidays there are a number of ways – from Swimming, Surfing or Tennis, to Jogging, Running and Cycling. Exercise not only increases the immediate consumption of calories, but also increases the so-called Calorie basal metabolic rate. In addition to the brain and the liver, muscles and consume the most energy. That is, who has more muscles, consumes even more calories. So, even in your sleep slimming, because the muscles burn all the time calories.


an All-inclusive holiday weight gain is frequently included. Who can select at the time of booking, which food package should it be, you can opt for a stripped-down variant. Only the Breakfast is included, you have to set yourself up for all the other meals on the move: on foot! Also a borrowed wheel is an Alternative. With this Trick you have to eat less, move more, and perhaps typical delicacies in small Restaurants tried.

In the case of All-inclusive not only the meals but to have free drinks, too often. Beware of alcohol and soft drinks! Also will have an impact on the display of the balance. Whatever water goes and what is important is that, especially in the heat. A glass of water before eating fills in addition to the stomach is something that affects the feeling of satiety. It occurs namely earlier.

To calm your nerves: If it is came on holiday to undesired weight gain, the level of the frequently, when the everyday.

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