The Americans are in the network of the medical service of the Russian Federation:

Video on the humanitarian flights of our aircraft published in the pages of the foreign Ministry and our Embassy in the US in social networks. In the comments, along with a sympathetic response appeared critical.

“It’s an empty gesture mode, seeking to impress their own population. There is not enough equipment to really make a difference,” wrote the user under the name Sue de Nimes.

“beware of Russians bearing gifts: when Russia sent planes with medical equipment in Italy, local officials have condemned it as a publicity stunt, and said that 80% of the supply was useless or just never appeared, as promised,” writes David Mac Dougall.

Judging by the remark that “David”, he uses very limited sources of information about the activities of our military medics in Bergamo and the attitude of local residents. Only one Italian newspaper has allowed itself a negative evaluation on the Russian aid. It denied local authorities and Italian military and, most importantly, ordinary Italians who thank the Russians for not afraid to come to the focus of infection.

In the US, some users, apparently, completely blown away by anti-Russian hysteria. “What’s the joke? Russia cannot care for its citizens and pretends that sends help? After the invasion of Ukraine, they sent the white truck with the help of in Eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian customs did not allow them to open. These supplies should definitely disinfect,” says the user Kubus Puchatek

“You should call this flight – flight MH17 memory. And put into it a billion dollars to compensate the families of the victims of your criminal act,” writes InOrOut.

And yet positive reviews with a normal reaction of gratitude more.

“so, if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he thirst, give him drink: for in so doing thou gather his head burning coals. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with goodm” – quoted the user Colin McKay Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans.

“thanks to our good friends in the Russian Federation. Don’t worry, many of us Americans know that our media is constantly lying to us about you. Many of us actually welcome a great friendship and collaboration with the good people of Russia. She’s coming, she’s coming,” wrote Seattle Independent

I Want to believe that this is so.

Watch the video on the topic: “Russian plane with humanitarian aid flew to the United States: video” 00:55