The analyst accused the Russian opposition in the maximum number of victims of coronavirus

the Protest in the Russian contingent is trying to mislead the Russian authorities to combat the epidemic of the coronavirus, said in the Telegram a political scientist and Director of the Center for political information Alexei Mukhin. “A sort of hybrid behavior, it is understandable to the public enemies of Russia, but absolutely illogical and immoral for its citizens,” – said the expert.

Mukhin believes that the protesters are trying to convince the citizens that the actions of the authorities on the introduction of quarantine unjustified. Such “destabilizers” resemble American superheroes opposing the Federal authorities, he said.

Citizens will understand what “divide” them “drag” provocateurs. But there are citizens who are unable to defend themselves against “liars”. Such people may succumb to persuasion, to provoke panic and disorder. The restrictive measures should, on the contrary, to reduce the intensity of tension in society.

“doubt Creeps in that contingent of the protest, just, and has set a goal of “maximum number of victims” in these difficult conditions,” – said Mukhin. He recalled that such precedents already were. So some of the opposition some leaders of the protest “was sent under the batons” of the police. “Boys bloody in eyes” these leaders, interestingly, is not worth?” – asked the rhetorical question subscribers to the analyst.