Artistic Director of

According to him, Zelensky can return to the position of artistic Director of the project. “I’m happy to give him this position,” said Mishka. The actor said that Zelensky performed in the Studio at the same time some duties in this connection after his election as President of Ukraine the project “a little lost”.

Vladimir Zelensky is the founder and former artistic Director of “Kvartal 95”. After his election as President, he retired from the leadership of the project. During his election campaign, politicians have assured that is running for only one term. 21 January 2019 party “servant of the people” Zelensky has put forward the candidate on a post of the President. The politician reached the second round of voting together with the reigning President, Petro Poroshenko, gaining 73,22 % of the vote (13.5 million votes).

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