The bill on the indexation of pensions to working pensioners submitted to the state Duma

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In the state Duma was introduced a bill to restore indexing of pensions to working pensioners starting in 2023. This initiative belongs to the member of the Federation Council Vasily Ikonnikov.

it is Known that the text of the document was posted on the electronic database of the lower chamber.

“the Bill is aimed at restoring, by 2023, the mechanism of indexation of pensions to working pensioners in force until 2016”, – reported in the explanatory note to the bill.

Ikonnikov sure what the relevance of the initiative due to the introduction of Vladimir Putin amendments to the Constitution. One of the President’s points was the introduction of regular indexation of pensions.

in addition, according to the Senator, freezing indexation in 2015 was due to the high level of the Federal budget deficit.

“currently, prerequisites for the validity of this rule do not exist”, – said Ikonnikov.

it is Clarified that in case of adoption of the document the costs of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in 2023 will increase by 368,5 billion in 2023 – at 426,4 billion, in 2023 – at 524,6 billion.

“the Actual amount of expenses in connection with the adoption of the Federal law may be lower than the above due to the growth of receipts of insurance contributions by working pensioners”, – summed up Ikonnikov.

it is Reported that the Russian government has not supported the initiative of the Senator. The Cabinet noted that the document is submitted without regard to the requirements of article 83 of the Budget code of the Russian Federation – the bill does not define the sources and procedure of execution of the relevant expenditure commitments.

was Previously called the raise to the pension system guaranteed pension plan. The calculation is made taking into account the monthly payment on GPP in the amount of six percent of income for 30 years.

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