Murdered in Mexico a mayor an hour after being sworn into office Killed two mayors in Mexico in less than 48 hours

The night was dark, because the killers had been in charge of handling the lanterns of the street, and covered in those shadows, the man sank the verduguillo in the belly of the senator Vidal Roldan, and Avila. Mortally wounded, in the hospital of Aguascalientes even gave him time to call his wife and dictate a telegram to the president of Mexico, Plutarco Elías Calles: “they Just hurt me. I don’t know who he is. If I were to die I recommend my wife and my children.” Maybe you never reached the recipient. It was a February 14, 1925. The newspaper then pointed out the “artera and cowardly” that they had killed the politician. It was not the first nor would it be the last that fell in Mexico in those years in which institutional power is dirimía with blood. Therefore, this minimum story who now publishes the grandson of the murdered, Otto Granados Roldán, serves as the button sample of those dark nights of the mexican politics, but also, perhaps, of a manual so as not to repeat mistakes.

Granados has followed in the footsteps of the grandfather. In the previous six years, Peña Nieto, was secretary of Public Education and now chairs the Advisory Council of the OAS for Education, Science and Culture. Any time is the best to “try to understand the impact” of a crime as well in the life of the family. The author explores how it affected things in the widow, her grandmother, a young woman who had five small children and embarked on an unsuccessful fight to do justice to the deceased, who died with 38 years. “It is not a history book, but a little story that has to do with the family, with the neighborhood, with the city, which are the moral foundation of what someone called the virtues in everyday life, which are woven together from ties of solidarity, of love, of compassion among the few”, he says in his e-mail replies.

The memory and the wounds: the murder of my grandfather, edited by Lime and Sand read in a while but maybe one to stay some more time looking at the photo of the grandmother, solemn, dressed in black from top to bottom, with an expression arrested. Mary’s Shelter Gandara Fields appears elegant and seemingly serene… would You have liked to read the story that marked his life in a book? “I imagine that yes. I started this column thinking about the grandfather, in his political career provincial, but it ended up being her character more sensitive, nor more nor less, because it survived five decades in a Mexican barbarian, troubled and violent that the battle was in fragile conditions,” says the diplomat.

Vidal Roldan. family archive

The terrible death on the day of st. Cyril, perhaps at the hands of Manuel Olvera, with the Frijolero as the mastermind most likely and seven others involved, according to the versions that were collected at the time, had a mobile politician: the governor at the time felt that Roland conspired to replace him. Of that belief that it became feverish in the head of Jose Maria Elizalde emerged the plan that got into a Dodge black without plaques to the men who that night drove to the corner of Allende with Tacuba, in Aguascalientes. Had tried on three occasions in the previous days, all of them have failed for reasons pilgrims.

in view of the anomalies that splashed a trial after which, finally, did not lock the culprits, Granados Roldán is of the opinion that things in Mexico about it, “have not changed much. Bad habits are slow to disappear”, he adds. But the book serves to “build a memory, talk about it, document it, show it and digerirla, not only to not repeat but to exercise the basic right to have her and that’s enough,” says the grandson. Don’t believe in oblivion.


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