The cancellation of flights occur in the capital's airports

Photos: Moscow 24/Alexander Butler

the Capital airport said delays and cancellations of flights. On it informs a portal “Yandex.Schedules”.

it is Noted that all schedule changes have affected 15 flights.

it is Known that in Domodedovo have cancelled 5 flights and 1 was detained. In the air port Vnukovo moved the departure time to 5 aircraft.

At the same time in the Sheremetyevo airport announced the delay of the 4 flights.

the reasons for the changes are not specified.

Previously, have arrived from China to Moscow boy suspected signs of coronavirus. According to the results of the examination, experts ruled out infectious pathology.

an Outbreak of a new type of pneumonia was recorded in the Chinese city of Wuhan. Hotbed of the epidemic is currently Hubei province.

In Russia, created two tools for detection of 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. They have been sent to Russian medical centers.

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