The cause of the high mortality rate from coronavirus in Italy

Photo: AP Photos/Claudio Furlan/LaPresse via AP

the Italian health Ministry told about the cause of the high mortality from the coronavirus in the country. Experts have found out that it had been affected by the flu epidemic, reports RIA Novosti.

it is Reported that the abnormally warm winter throughout the country led to the flu of many older Italians. Later the course of illness worsened on the backdrop of the spread of COVID-19.

So, the proportion of the elderly population, who are in the risk group in the period of epidemic influenza, were more prone to mortality during a pandemic coronavirus.

According to the latest data, the victims of coronavirus infection in Italy was about 12.5 thousand people. The number of infected exceeded 105 thousand. It is also known that on the territory of the country from the coronavirus died more than 50 doctors.

In Italy the victims of the coronavirus become almost 12.5 thousand people

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